Experiences and stories from a geeky Pathfinder player who loves to knit.

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Image headline reads WIP = Work In Progress. There are three photos beneath of three incomplete, knit projects: a kitty lays on a couch with a turquoise shawl, then an upturned right hand wearing an orange cuffed, black base wrister. The third photo shows a forest green scarf with a green knitting needle laying on top.

When I got into crochet and knitting, I never expected to have so many WIPs, or works in progress, concurrently. Since yarn crafting is a hobby of mine, I work on whatever the hell I want to. When the projects match the mood, I end up with more than enough to keep me busy.

From above there is seen four skeins of yarn, one emerald green, one dark purple, one black, and one orange line the top portion. Below the skeins are a pair of purple cuffed, black base wristers. Silver and purple knitting needles lay between yarns and wristers with purple and emerald green striped cuff on the needle.

Knitting has become my favorite hobby to release stress, be creative, and keep me going when my mental health is faltering.

A grid map with miniatures representing an RPG session.  Multiple flat, round silver pieces in the foreground represent the NPCs being accompanied on the journey. Black marker lines create a visual for the path the characters are using.

Social engagement, hilarity, creative characters, pretty dice, and devising strategies to conquer quests and baddies. Can I get a, "huzzah!" for gaming?